Unchained Tools

Scale your NFT and Play to Earn based games operations with Web3 innovation.

Paving the way for blockchain-based worldwide financial inclusion.

What We Do ?

Tracking, tooling, and visibility over your blockchain and NFT assets and investments through Web3 innovation.

Axie Management

The #1 Axie Infinity tracker, get back the time to focus on yout teams.

Take control over your Axie infinity investment, accounts, and scholarship programs. Farmed SLP, manager and scholar splits, remaining energy consumption, daily quests, MMR and rank, battle logs, top and meta teams, wallet farming, and automated payouts.

  • Investors, managers teams tracking tools
  • Co-custodial and non-custodial Payout solutions
  • Proof of play for schoolars

Ronin Network Payment Solution

Start accepting payments over the Ronin sidechain with ower blockchain watcher and payment validation platform.


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Enable scalability of Play to Earn worldwide operations to bring financial inclusion to the bottom of the pyramid.


Enric Borrallo CTO Unchained Tools.
Enric Borrallo


  • A full stack paladin that keeps his mind into the web3 and blockchain space. He was the first to see the potential of the tracker, and initial founder of it.